We are a Global supply chain and project management organization supporting the three different streams - Upstream, Midstream & Downstream in the Oil & Gas energy sector. Working as an OEM representative, our clients benefit from the respective brands we work with.
In the quest of becoming a regional powerhouse, we have sharpened our skills to meet and address complex situations in a synchronized manner. The focus of AVSCO is to work towards constant customer satisfaction, over riding the client expectation in being superlative player in attaining total buoyance.

We have been tapping on the talent of human resources to optimize our services keeping in mind total customer satisfaction. Our approach to all situations is sincere, fair and forthright, treating our clients with dignity and respect.

The structure of AVSCO is erected on a sturdy foundation to shoulder the metamorphosis. Our dedicated and experienced work force has enabled our constant growth, spreading to different continents. It is a perfect launch pad for growth initiatives and can leverage its quality track record in its efforts to being a premier player.